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Happy New Year - It's Time to Develop a Great Metaverse Mindset

Happy New Year!!

Congratulations on making it through another crazy year! How did you fare? For those of us focused on building the Metaverse (essentially the evolution of the Internet), 2022 certainly felt like a roller coaster ride, with big ups-and-downs! FTX? Meta? Crypto? NFT? Play-to-Earn? Gen-AIt? Whoa! When it comes to the Metaverse, 2022 certainly had its share of fear, uncertainty and disillusionment (FUD)!

To kick off the new year, I plan to continue my focus on leveling-up humanity via mobile, AR, blockchain, gaming, AI, LBS, and more (utilizing my skills and toolset to create experiences, services and narratives that better self and society). Some exciting announcements to come!.

I also plan to get back into writing and speaking, as I wish to put more focus on some of the key issues we face as new technologies that comprise the Metaverse come to market.My goal is to help provide solutions and methodologies to ensure we are building a better world for ourselves and for the generations to come. I plan to cover topics such as…

  • Responsible use of artificial intelligence

  • Better data privacy and transparency control

  • Education and digital literacy

  • Evolving from attention economies to creator economies

  • Creating healthy and vibrant online communities

  • Providing equal access to underserved communities

  • Creating a metaverse mindset to better prepare, navigate and benefit in these rapidly changing times.

Please follow me and reach out directly if you are interested in learning more about my services, the companies and platforms I am aligned with (phygital anyone?), collaborations, and/or seeking a guide / consultant for leveling-up your brand at the intersection of digital and physical worlds.

Wishing my friends, colleagues, clients

and network a healthy and happy 2023 and beyond! Cheers to what is certain to be another wild and transformative year!

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