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AI-Generated Art. It's all about Source.

I’m having too much fun with MidJourney these days, an AI program that creates images from text.

Here's an example of some fun toy designs I whipped up this week which included the prompts “Chibi, cosmic, neon, vinyl toy, octane render, and volumetric lighting.”

AI art has become a controversial subject. Many traditional artists in my circle are learning to embrace the tech. What choice is there really? One can’t deny it is a powerful tool for conceptualizing new ideas. To be productive though, the artist must now learn to craft “prompts” in an effort to wrangle the AI bots to deliver outcomes desired with more accuracy and control. Still hard to do.

Real artists will always be needed to get quality projects to the finish line, and the value of “made by human” will likely take on a more valued meaning as things evolve.

Lots of issues to still work out (like copyright law), but it’s clear that this is disrupting tech, and will likely vaporize lower level concept artist jobs.

I imagine we need an easy way to reverse engineer the prompts and trace specific Job IDs back to source. Giving credit where credit is due, and knowing where the source material was derived from will all become part of that deep dive into the appreciation for the new artistic creations that are to come thanks to AI.

If this technology allows for the creation of more art, more ideas, more beauty…. I’m all for it. We just need to also be able to use the AI to identify the deep fakes. It’s all about source.

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