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Leveling-up the Human Experience through
XR, Web3 and Gamification.

BlueSe7en Media offers strategic, advisory, consultation and production services to brands, agencies, and forward-thinking companies looking to future-proof their business as we head into the Metaverse.

We thrive at the intersection of storytelling and technology, weaving together the digital and physical worlds. 

The world is spatial.  Your stories should be too.

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Brian Selzer is an XR Specialist (AR Pioneer) and Gamification expert, globally recognized as a mobile and immersive media executive, advisor, producer & entrepreneur.  


Pioneering for 20+ years in digital/mobile media, the past 12+ years in immersive / spatial tech (Augmented Reality / Mixed Reality), his professional credits include managing Marvel’s mobile business, Co-founding Ogmento, the first venture backed AR games company, and serving as Vice President of Business and Product development at DAQRI, a leader in AR for enterprise.  He has executive produced over 100 interactive projects, 25 AAA mobile games, large-scale content portals and more; engaging millions of people around the world.


Brian loves to help companies, creators and brands future-proof their business, and unlock their full potential through augmented reality, immersive media, games and gamification. He specializes in the interweaving of digital and physical worlds in a way that manifests engagement, loyalty, rewards, and joy.


Brian has worked with clients such as Microsoft, Sony, Fox, Marvel, EA, Activision, Warner Brothers, Pepsi, Nike, Lego, NBA and many others and has led teams behind  the creation of apps such as Spider-Man, X-Men, NBA, Halo, Paranormal Activity and many others. He has been interviewed by many publications including Wired, LA Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Hollywood Reporter, Venture Beat, TechCrunch and Forbes. Brian founded Augmented Reality Los Angeles (ARLA) in 2010. He was featured in the 2011 documentary “Ctrl+Alt+Compete” (about tech-entrepreneurs), and in the 2013 book “Mad Men of Mobile” (interviews with innovators in the mobile app industry).  


Living at the intersections of storytelling, immersive tech (AR/MR/VR) and human potential, Brian is a recognized speaker at industry events and a sought after advisor on augmented reality initiatives, location-based services, immersive technologies, emerging media platforms, games, gamification, and the future of entertainment.


Brian lives with his wife and daughter in Los Angeles.  He loves to spend time with family and friends, enjoying the California coastal lifestyle. His personal projects revolve around art, story, education, fun, and making the world a better place.


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