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Offering strategic, advisory, consultation and production services to companies ready to integrate XR (AR/VR), Web3 (Metaverse, Blockchain, NFT's), and Gaming (Gamification) into their roadmap and solution offerings.


- MaaS (Metaverse as a Service)

- Advisory, Consulting, and Strategy

- Bridging the digital + physical divide between culture and commerce.
- Facilitate meetings with key people and companies that can bring immediate benefit
- Explore opportunities for your company, brand extension, and business growth.
- Business Development / Product Development / Roadmaps/ Solution Defining
- Content Creation, Storytelling, Art Direction, UI / UX Design, Experiential Design.

- Design, Innovation & Production
- Marketing, Sales & Distribution
- Thought Leadership & Strategy
- Public Speaking

Captivate.  Educate. Motivate.

Elevate. Activate. Celebrate.


- AR, VR, XR, Spatial / Immersive Computing

- Mobile gaming, Games, Gamification, Entertainment, Storytelling, Design

- Digital Marketing, Social Media

- Geolocation, Geospatial, Location-Based Services

- Web3, Blockchain, NFT's, P2E, Crypto

- Wearables, Sensor-tech, Bioinformatics, Neural Interfaces, BCI, ML, AI

- High performance training and super-powered mindset

- Fandom, Comic books, animation, toys, art, trading cards, collectibles…

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