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Refrigerator Art

“Refrigerator Art” is one of the animated shows we launched back around 2001. Since is no more, it is a pleasure to discover some of our content lives on with sites like YouTube, etc.

I produced Refrigerator Art along with the creator of the project, Michael Dougherty. Michael was involved in several Eruptor shows, and has gone on to make a big name for himself in Hollywood, writing and directing feature films like X-Men, Superman and others. One of the great pleasures of my job is getting to work with talent like Michael.

Animated with crayon drawings, Refrigerator Art is a series of shorts based on the adventures of a little boy named Billy, and his all-American dysfunctional family. The films are educational and heartwarming, teaching kids that having an alcoholic or psychotic parent isn’t just normal, but also utterly hilarious.

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