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Happy Moo Year! 2009, Year of the Ox


According to the Chinese calendar, the Ox (or Cow) is an animal that brings prosperity through hard work. In these uncertain economic times, it seems a bit of hard work is what will be needed to turn things around

I am very fortunate to enjoy my career as a digital media executive, and look forward to the work ahead! I can’t help but be optimistic and excited about the coming year and all that is in store. I look forward to the launch of and the continued growth of These two UGC sites rooted in the video game industry have enourmous potential!

I have new project being incubated right now too, and they are super exicting! I look forward to fleshing out the business plan, finding the right people to collaborate with in 2009, and getting things moving! Target launch 2010 (it’s a big project)!

I have a renewed interest in mobile media, having taken a bit of a break for the past two years. The iPhone and the apps store have made mobile much more interesting to me again. I am also really fascinated by augmented reality as it applies to mobile. I think 2009 will the year I jump back into developing content / applications for mobile devices agiain. Mobile play’s a large roll in my next pet project, so it’s time to roll up the sleeves again.

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